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What is MyPass Global?  MyPass Brand

The work passport connecting workers to industry.

MyPass allows workers to self-manage their qualifications, tickets and work-life with a free profile.

This ‘work passport’ allows secure storage of documents such as qualifications, tickets, licences and work history, all in one place providing instant accessibility.

Workers no longer have to repeatedly gather and send the same information to employers. MyPass allows them to share all essential information with a link leading directly to the work passport.

MyPass verifies all qualifications for the worker, to speed up the process of getting them on site. All jobs featured on the Australian Shutdown Jobs Board require a MyPass profile to make an application.

Industry partners such as Santos, Fortescue, UGL and over 175 others are already utilizing MyPass to connect with workers and for compliance and workforce management. MyPass’ credentialing ecosystem ensures that only the right workers, with the right skills are matched with the right jobs.

This provides peace of mind to workers and industry that they are creating a safer work environment for all.

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