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MyPass tells the stories of workers from across the resources industry. Learn from and relate to the experiences they’ve had in their careers.

15 Steps for Beginners in Resources


Getting Started   To gain employment or your next role in the industry, there are several avenues available: Applying through platforms such as MyPass Global Applying directly to resource sector companies Applying through labour hire and specialist industry recruitment companies Undertaking the training linked to a job, including Apprenticeship Working for a small business or […]

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FIFO Camp vs Offshore vs Residential Life

FIFO Swimming Facility

MINING   Residential: Many mines in remote areas have a traditional company town, or support towns that used to be company towns. Such locations include Leinster and Newman in Western Australia and Mount Isa in Queensland. Such locations can often be termed ‘closed towns’ and not then typically open to the general public moving there […]

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Brett Jenkins – “A Boy Miner”

Brett Jenkins, author of “A Boy Miner”, decided to capture his experiences in FIFO as a young man nearly twenty years ago. His book explores the trials of negotiating the meaning of masculinity, of mateship, and the effects that absence and isolation can have on FIFO workers and their families.

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From Mining Cleaner to Health & Safety Advisor

Michelle Love, a New Zealand based Health & Safety Advisor, first came across MyPass in 2016 when working a shutdown for Methanex. She hadn’t heard of it before and began exploring the platform, realising its potential to make her work life easier. Michelle’s career in the resources industry began thirteen years ago, when she returned […]

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Lunch Breaks With Robots – The Rise Of Automation In The Resources Industry

Automation technology is becoming increasingly crucial to the Australian resources industry. As more companies invest in this technology for the future, concern amongst workers for the security of their jobs is rising. This uncertainty of what the future of work will look like left us asking the question: will robots really take our jobs in […]

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Worker Story: Life on a Shutdown in South-East Asia

Harry Morton Mining news in 2019 has been filled with examples of mining gone wrong in Asian countries. The Meghayala Indian mine collapse back in December 2018, or more recently the Sulawesi collapse in Indonesia that killed over fifty workers. These incidents fill our minds with images of poor working conditions and set-ups that would […]

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Worker Story: From Portugal to Perth

Harry Morton In 1974, nine-year old Joao Cardosa left with his family from their island home of Madeira in Portugal, bound for a much larger island, Australia. Famous as the birthplace of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, Madeira was very different to their new home in Perth. Fast forward forty-five years & Joao, known by friends […]

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Worker Story: Through the Eyes of Mining’s Next Generation

Harry Morton 28/3/19 The current resources and mining industry poses many different challenges to workers. For those who are new to the industry, they may have never experienced ‘the good old days’ like others have. We often want to know, who was there during that time? How did people make a start in the industry […]

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Thirty-Five Years in the FIFO Loop

By Harry Morton It’s 1985 in Useless Loop, Western Australia. You’re working a six-month FIFO job doing 12-hour shifts with no rostered days off. Your room is a little box with an old bone rattler air conditioner in the corner, no fridge and only the communal toilet block to do your business in. The site […]

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