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Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory – Key Industry Locations

Around 121,000 workers are employed in the mining & METS sector in Victoria. The famous Victorian gold-rush was sparked after a discovery was made in Ballarat in 1851. The migration of people to the state during and following this period largely shaped the way it looks today. These are the locations that continue to be […]

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Queensland: Key Industry Locations

Gladstone, QLD

Australia’s Resource Sector operates across every state of Australia. In particular, Western Australia, Queensland and the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales offer significant opportunities for both Fly In, Fly Out (FIFO) and residential careers and lifestyle. The following provides an overview of the key regional locations in Queensland where local employers prefer a […]

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NSW: Key Industry Locations

Hunter Valley, NSW

Approximately 40, 000 workers are employed in the NSW Mining Industry (ABS). These workers are distributed across a ranges of areas, the Hunter Valley being the most well-known. The following highlights three of these key areas in NSW.     Broken Hill Broken Hill has been called The Silver City, the Oasis of the West, […]

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Western Australia: Key Industry Locations

Spotlight: Western Australia

We’ve put together a list of locations throughout Western Australia based on the most popular mining destinations. This is a basic guide for anyone less familiar with the states resource industry. Geraldton Geraldton has an enviable coastal location, only 424 kms north of Perth, the state’s capital. It has a population of just over 40,000 […]

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Questions to Expect in a Job Interview

Job Interview Questions to Prepare for

There are certain questions that pop up in job interviews all the time. If the exact question isn’t asked, usually something very similar is and so it’s good to be prepared for all situations. We’ve captured some of the most common questions that get asked in resources related job interviews. We’ve previously shared the five […]

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Job Interviews: Do’s & Don’ts

Do's & Dont's Job Interviews

Job interviews are an opportunity to share information, so be prepared to ask questions as well as answer them. It is your only chance to make a good first impression, so make sure you present well. However – remember, it is only a meeting, so no matter how much you want the job, try to […]

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5 Common Mining Questions for Starters

Question Mark

We get sent lots of mining questions from people looking to get a start in the resources sector or just wanting to know what’s involved. These are five of the most common questions we come across and how we respond to those who ask.   1. Why do some people struggle to secure regular employment, […]

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How Dylan Got His Start in the Resources Sector

Dylan V Resources Worker

Two years ago Dylan made the decision to leave his Monday to Friday job to try get a start in resources sector. There was a lot of work, research and planning that would be required for him to make the jump but he was committed and ready to stick it out. Now in his late […]

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8 Tips for Getting a Foot in the Resources Door


If you are serious about getting a foot in the door and have no experience, these are the tips we’d suggest. 1. Decide the specific location And stick with that to start. If you can, be smart about the location and choose one that is not typically preferred. Live as close to the location as […]

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How to Nail Your Application for Resources Jobs


Most major resource companies operate their own employment services using internal recruitment functions (in house staff) and the facility of an online application process is typically available via their website. This approach is standard across the industry particularly with the larger companies, but it often takes some time between applying online and receiving a response […]

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