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A community of shutdowns workers connecting to jobs, news and each other

Shutdowns Australia was created to bring together the shutdown’s worker community across Australia & New Zealand. Our community is continually growing towards becoming the largest hub for workers to connect with new jobs, industry news and like-minded people.

The Shutdowns Australia community is centred around the Australian Shutdown Jobs Board. Our Jobs Board, which is powered by MyPass, allows workers to search and apply for specific roles on projects around the country. We keep the board updated with the newest roles and opportunities. To apply for a role on the board, workers can set-up a free MyPass work passport here.

The community stays informed through our weekly Shutdowns Australia Newsletter which you can subscribe to here. The newsletter provides first access to roles we’re featuring, updates on industry projects and developments through-out the resources sector.

The Shutdowns Australia social community has over 25 000 workers across Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow each of these pages to join the conversation about today’s industry, hear others experiences and share updates with people in your network.

We also love to share stories from workers across the country. Our Worker Stories capture the experiences of individuals in various roles. Each story sheds light on Shutdowns life and share learnings for others. If you or someone you know has a story worth sharing, message us through our social channels.

Workers love to send us their photos so feel free to share those with us to!


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