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How COVID-19 will Impact Shutdown Workers

We want to make sure all of our SDA followers are receiving the same information regarding Coronavirus COVID-19.  Last week we sent out a newsletter to our mail subscriber which included essential information regarding how Shutdown workers will be impacted by the current situation and where you can source trusted information.

You can start by watching this video from the Australian Government Department of Health on “Staying Informed” about COVID-19 during this pandemic.


Stay informed video


This is the response we’ve seen from the resource industry so far to COVID-19:


  • At this time no announcements have been made by major mining, oil or gas companies on reducing staff numbers on-site
  • In some instances, companies have had to isolate workers after they presented with flu-like symptoms on-site. This occurred with Chevron, CITIC Pacific Mining and South32.
  • Fortescue’s CEO announced the company plans to continue their operations as per the existing production schedule.
  • Workers are being encouraged to avoid spreading rumours throughout industry or unions of a mass lockdown which would cause major operational changes.


There is so much information circulating about COVID-19 that it can be hard to know what to believe. These are the sources of information which we believe should be trusted:



The Australian Government Department of Health have also released a series of other short videos explaining how you can best respond to the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you want to receive information like this first-hand, you can subscribe to our SDA newsletter on our homepage here.



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