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Macmahon launches first FIFO mental health program

More than 800 fly-in fly-out (FIFO) employees working in some of Australia’s remotest mines will soon benefit from a new mental health program launched this week for mining company Macmahon.  Resource Minds has been developed by Rural & Remote Mental Health and Macmahon is launching it throughout the company under the banner of Strong MINDS Strong MINES.

Resource Minds is designed to tackle the growing and often complex mental health challenges facing remote mining workers, many of whom are away from home for weeks at a time.  The program is specifically designed for this workforce and covers a range of issues including the stigma of mental health, anxiety, depression, suicide prevention, relationships and financial stress.

This week, Resource Minds’ trainers started rolling out the program to Macmahon’s Project Manager HSEQT conference, where 25 managers will attend Mental Health for Leaders training. The training will help the managers to better support all Macmahon’s employees and identify the mental health and suicide warning signs to facilitate early intervention.

“Macmahon recognises that having a FIFO based workforce requires a proactive approach to preventing mental harm issues in the workplace,” said Macmahon’s Manager HSEQ, Kale Ross. Read more…



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